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The Program

A multidisciplinary educational program

Our objectives

adopt a float is a multidisciplinary educational program that offers students of all levels around the world the opportunity to discover the global ocean and how crucial its study is to better understand and protect it. In line with the principles of Ocean Literacy, adopt a float offers students a scientific, cultural and civic approach to the ocean.

Adopt a profiling float, join the Ocean Voyagers community and embark on a scientific adventure throughout the school year: monitoring of the float and its data, meetings and exchanges with scientists, wrap-up sessions…

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Scientists to educate all youth about the ocean

Our Values


adopt a float aims to raise awareness and educate young people about the Ocean and how crucial its study is to better understand and protect it.


adopt a float aims to connect ocean scientists with the educational world. The program also promotes exchanges between schools around the world.

For all

adopt a float is a program offered to schools of all backgrounds!


The #TeamAdoptaFloat will accompany you throughout this scientific adventure.

a flagship robot global ocean observation program

The Profiling Float


GPS & Iridium Antenna

Oxygen Sensor

Salinity +
Temperature +
Pressure Sensor

Irradiance Sensor

pH Sensor

Chloropyll a Sensor

Underwater Camera

Nitrate Sensor

Particles Sensor

Intended to take measurements to answer the questions of oceanographers, the profiling float is a flagship robot global ocean observation program. Today, there are several thousand of them deployed in the ocean.

Equipped with miniaturized sensors and linked to a database fed in real time, profiling floats measure and provide various physical (e.g. temperature), biological (e.g. oxygen) and chemical (e.g. pH) parameters between the ocean surface and 2 km depth.

Deployed from oceanographic vessels, they are programmed to dive down to 2000 m depth. While drifting with the currents, when they ascend towards the surface, they take measures.

Once at the sea surface, the collected data are transmitted by satellite and accessible in real time on an interactive map that scientists & classrooms share in use.

adopt a float uses the journey of these underwater robots to develop a scientific outreach approach with schools. Thus, these robots are not only terrific science tools but also, thanks to adopt a float, they are powerful educational tools!

program flow

About the school year

adopt a float offers events throughout the school year


At the beginning of the school year, sign up, design a logo and adopt a float :
you can choose a geographical area in the world ocean, choose the ocean properties that interest you or leave it to chance!

Course of the year

During the year, live the adventure adopt a float :

  • On your own:

Using the interactive map, follow your float's journey and become familiar with the scientific data it measures. Also use the educational resources provided!

  • Accompanied:

- Be in contact with the #TeamAdoptaFloat: questions, follow-ups... Each class can have a science mentor with whom they exchange closely during the year! Our outreach officers are also in regular contact with you for advice and news!

- During classroom sessions and teacher meetings, either in class or remotely, you can meet and talk with professionals from the world of scientific research and (re)discover the Ocean through different themes.

End of the year

The end of the school year adopt a float is closed with a wrap up session: during which the Ocean Voyagers present their work to other participating classes, scientists and mediators!

Become an Ocean Voyager

How to adopt?

Join the Ocean Voyagers community!

Registration for the adopt a float program is currently closed.

You are interested for the next school year ? (2024-2025)
Leave us your information, we will contact you when registrations open!