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Teachers Corner

Strengthen your scientific knowledge of the Ocean

Teachers Meeting

adopt a float proposes videoconference meetings led by scientists and science outreach and education officers. These meetings include professional training components and seek to enhance teachers’ scientific knowledge, facilitate access to current ocean science research topics, and inspire activities within classrooms.

These meetings also aim to generate exchanges between teachers and science professionals. Therefore, they are live broadcasted and are scheduled once per month on a Wednesday. They are open to all French speaking elementary and secondary school teachers, with no obligation to be registered in the adopt a float program.

Discover this years’ topics and agenda & make sure to enroll by clicking on the dates of your choice.

adopt a float tools

WATCH : The interactive map & open access data

LEARN : Interactive Map Handbook

USE : The Interactive Map

Educational Resources

Find educational resources about the Ocean to use in the classroom on the “Mon Océan et Moi” portal.